The Purpose

The Purpose

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The Purpose is the Second book in the Chronicles of Malachai series, written by Daniel Sweetnam. 

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The Purpose

As a child Malachai experienced a very extraordinary world which surrounded him and revealed the spiritual war between the angels and demons that influenced everyone he saw. Now as a young man he is beginning to realize just how intense this war truly is and must choose which side he will fight for.

“The Purpose” is the second book in this series by Daniel Sweetnam which continues the journey of Malachai, who was given a Gift by God to see the spiritual world that co-exists alongside our own. However, having this gift and choosing what to do with it proves to be a bigger struggle than Malachai expected. The angels want to help him; the demons want to destroy him; but the choice of who to trust still remains his own. Nevertheless, Malachai soon discovers there’s yet another choice he needs to make which has an even greater purpose and will establish his position within the spiritual war itself.

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