The Gift

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The Gift is the First book in the Chronicles of Malachai series, written by Daniel Sweetnam. 

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The Gift

In the spiritual war raging all around humanity, with angels on one side and demons on the other, most people are not even aware of the battle's they are really fighting. But what happens to those who can see the war raging and understand how these spirits influence humanity itself, whose side do they choose? God's way, the demons way or perhaps pretend the war doesn't even exist.

“The Chronicles of Malachai” is a five-part series sharing the story of an ordinary man named Malachai, who was given an extraordinary ability by God to see and interact with the spiritual world that co-exists alongside our own. However, Malachai’s ability to see the spiritual realm quickly places him in the center of a spiritual war he doesn’t really understand. The angels want to help him; the demons will try to control or destroy him; but trusting in God’s purpose for needing him within this war will be Malachai’s greatest battle of all.

The story begins with the first book in the series called, "The Gift", and introduces a young Malachai, who desperately tries to understand who and what these spiritual beings he sees really are. He quickly discovers not all these beings should be trusted and even those who appear to be his friends may have a darker intent behind their friendship. Some of these spirits try to encourage Malachai to use his gift to help those around him. Others try to teach him how much power this gift can truly give him if used to it's full potential, while covertly using Malachai's abilities to aid their own demonic agenda. For Malachai, choosing the side that could teach him the truth about what he saw and experienced would prove to be the toughest challenge of all and will ultimately change the course of the war itself.

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