The Awakening

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The Awakening is the Third book in the Chronicles of Malachai series, written by Daniel Sweetnam. 

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The Awakening

To some the subject of Spiritual Warfare is merely a creative collection of stories from the imaginative mind or what makes the warm glow of a campfire more memorable. To others it’s a reality of the life they live, breath, experience and endure every day. For Malachai, the spiritual war is what he was created to fight in, yet now finds himself struggling with what to believe and even wanting to be a part of this war any longer. The cost just seems too great.

Book three in, ‘The Chronicles of Malachai’ series called,
‘The Awakening’ continues Malachai’s journey as he discovers more about his gift to see the angels, demons and spiritual beings that exist around him while learning his purpose for being given this ability in the first place. Now as his dreams for a family of his own begins, his desire to forget and leave the war for an ordinary life grows. However, he quickly learns that there are those who need him to fight; they need him to remember why he was given his gifts and what he is to use them for. Malachai must decide if standing for God in a battle which is far greater than he understands, is worth the risk of losing those he cares about; or to simply concede, fade away and live for his own purposes.
The choice is his.

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