RWBY: Combat Ready Sub-Boss Expansion Pack

  • $26.99

RWBY's brand new combat ready sub-boss expansion pack. With this expansion, you will be able to confront the silently demure, yet certainly capable, Neopolitan! Go head - to - head again the disarmingly quick-witted, karma-wielding, Emerald Sustrai, and her cunning partner Mercury Black. And if that wasn't enough, match wits again the mysterious mistress of the underworld Lil' Miss! 

Expansion Pack Includes:  

  • 3 sub-bosses that will pose new challenges for even the most advanced RWBY: Combat players! 
  • Each sub-boss comes with 1 objective card and an 18 card deck representing their and attacks and actions. 
  • All contents of this expansion fit perfectly into the RWBY: Combat ready base game box. 

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