Exquisite Gaming Cable Guys: Boba Fett

  • $36.99

From Exquisite Gaming, Boba Fett CABLE GUY is designed on 3/4 Bust of the iconic Star Wars Boba Fett. Eight inches tall with a 3 in 1 (Micro USB, Lightning and USB C) 6' charging cable for your device.

Compatible with most console game controllers and almost all smartphones and tablets - Including the NEW Nintendo Switch Lite!

Cable Guys are a range of highly detailed figures made to hold your Gaming Controllers, Smart Phones, TV Remotes, or anything else you can think of. 8”/21cm in height and built for stability, Cable Guys offer a collectable assortment of your favourite characters that have so many uses, you’ll wonder what you did without them. Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox & most other console controllers. Holds most mobile phone devices. 21cm (8”) tall.

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