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Did you know with our New On-line store you can order almost anything we offer and have it shipped anywhere throughout North America for the same price! Some products will even qualify for delivery to many parts of the world without any additional shipping. It's the perfect way to send that special someone a birthday gift or to simply say Thankyou and it will arrive in most cases at the destination within 10-25 days. Plus, you can do all your shopping from the convenience of your own home or mobile phone.

As well, with the addition of our Facebook shop and Pinterest pages, you can simply click on the picture and order it straight from our secure check-out server without all the hassles of fighting the weather or wasting gas. We've even added a Twitter page and have a Google Plus profile all set up to help make viewing what's new even easier.

We are continuing to add new items daily while working to make our site easier and better all the time. If there are ever any particular items you are looking for, please feel free to email us and we will do our best to find it. You can also sign up to our email notifications to get the latest news, promotions and discounts we are offering.

Just like in our retail store-front in wonderful Barriere, BC, our on-line site is family run and aspires to offer the same great customer service people have come to expect from the Sweetnam family and our store's. We hope you enjoy our newest venture and everything you order from us. Thanks for supporting a local family business and Happy Shopping!

The Sweetnam Family!

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