A Quick Review: The Hogwarts Crest Wax Seal Set

Posted by Josiah Sweetnam on

   Greetings all.  This is Josiah here to review the Hogwarts Crest Wax Seal Set from our very own website! I was so excited to receive it, And I know you guys will love it too.

   First, I want to say, the shipping was quick and easy, and it arrived in perfect condition. And when I opened it, I was very impressed. The wooden box that the whole set comes in is very nice looking, sturdy, and with the ribbon fastener on the front, it makes for an elegant looking addition to my crafting kit/calligraphy corner!

   That was just my first impression upon opening the box! Once opening the kit, my excitement just continued to go up! The way all of the pieces sit so perfectly inside is very aesthetically pleasing, as well as satisfying! And I was equally impressed with the quality of each piece. The wax spoon was much heavier than I was expecting, and should last a long time. Each of the wax sticks are also very nice. The colours are perfect and very much stand out, and the fleur-de-lis etching down their length is a nice addition. Finally, the seal itself exceeded my expectations. It has a good weight to it with a very solid wooden handle and metal head. The head itself is quite detailed, and as I found out after looking at it, it detaches allowing me to change it out for other heads if I want to in the future!

   Overall, I really love this wax seal set, and really look forward to using it to add to all of my letters and calligraphy projects. The only downfall I have thought of so far, is that I wish it came with more wax! With my enthusiasm, I might just use all of this up way too quickly! Other than that, I believe this set would make a perfect addition for any crafter, calligrapher, avid letter-writer, or all around Potterhead!

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