A quick review: the BH519 Bluetooth Headphones

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Hello internet, it’s Sam “The Tech Guy” Sweetnam here with a very quick review of the BH519 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones from our online store that I bought recently because, well, I wanted them! (Don’t judge me!) But before we get into the quick review, have a look at this very corny promo video we made for them!

Note: No Televisions were harmed in the making of this video, Xbox’s on the other hand…

And now to the review:           

                For more than simply the fact that my website sells these headphones, I highly recommend the BH519 to anyone that wants a set of headphones with excellent sound quality, good range, and flawless active noise cancelling.

                In terms of sound quality, the BH519 can compete with big name brands like Skull Candy and can be turned up to become much louder than my IPhones speakers when the headphones are around my neck. And if you love bass like I do, then you can turn the active noise cancelling mode on, which for some reason makes the bass even stronger.

                As for the active noise cancelling, even at lower volumes it effectively blocks out all minor noise from distant traffic noise to people talking in another room. At medium to high volume it successfully blocks all but the loudest of sounds which would allow you to say, wear these on a bus full of loud people without disturbing your blissful world of music!

                Now both the box and product description state that the range is about 10m without obstructions, but so far in my experience it appears to work 8 to 10m with obstructions and a little over 10m without. Something that was not mentioned in the original product description is that these headphones can connect to two devices at the same time. For example; if you have the BH519 connected to both your phone and your computer, and you receive a text while listening to music on your computer, your ringtone from your phone will play from the headphones alongside your music!

                My only disappointment with the BH519 comes in the fact that when I use the auxiliary audio port to connect the headphones to my Xbox One; I cannot use the BH519s built in microphone. This issue simply comes down to the kind of auxiliary port the headphones use, and how picky Xbox One is with anything but Xbox brand devices. (Though, some might argue that being able to use these with Xbox one and other gaming consoles at all is a huge advantage none the less.)

                Overall I very highly recommend the BH519 Bluetooth Headphones to anyone who wants a set of very good headphones for a very reasonable price. Whether you want them for gaming, travelling, or simply so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with a cord, the BH519 would be the perfect set for you.

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